Major sound, texture and animation update - Change Log v0-1-19

Major sound, texture and animation update

Adding many sounds texture and animation to most parts of the game.

I am changing the way I am doing version for Quantum robot. The old system I was releasing stable builds slightly more than once a week. I am not very happy that I am delaying small changes that seem important in order to have more to write in a change log.

In the new system I am planning to use I will push new “indev” version regularly. This build will likely be less stable and will only be the windows version to keep the build time low. I will still be planning to releases the stable version weekly with a change log.

With this change I will be moving the game version to v0-1-x to act as a kind of reset for the version numbers and to make it easier to distinguish between the old and new system.

I am not happy with the length of time it has taken to release this update. Hopefully moving forward I have a better idea of what parts of the game I should be working on in order to create better progress.


  • Changing how the taser weapon works
    • Taser now has heat instead of an ammo clip
    • Player gets stunned when the taser reaches 100>#/li###
    • Shoots 15 projectiles
    • Each projectiles deals damage and increase stun duration.
  • New Textures
    • Grenade
    • Repair kit
    • Taser
  • Grenades now glow before they explode
  • New Sound Effects
    • Taser shot
    • Slime attack
    • Slime death
    • Slime taking damage
    • Door open and close
    • Spiker activate
    • Spiker passive
  • Adding recoil and reload animation to weapons
  • Adding animation for changing weapons
  • Adding sounds and lights when the door to the boss opens
  • Adding links to the bottom right of the main menu
  • Adding current version to the button left of the main menu
  • Adding ambient sounds around the map
  • Adding volume settings for each type of sounds
  • Adding music for the game

Many of the other sounds assets are from the unity store as well.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed weapon ui bug when changing weapon while reloading

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Version 0.1.19 Dec 21, 2017 275 MB
Version 0.1.19 Dec 21, 2017 259 MB
Version 0.1.19 Dec 21, 2017 283 MB
Version 0.1.19 Dec 21, 2017

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