Adding tutorial - Change Log v0-1-50

Adding tutorial

Adding a tutorial that will start after creating a new profile.

The tutorial will go through the core mechanics of the game, this will hopefully help with new players that were not realising some features like running and the modification menu. The tutorial can be skipped using a button in the menu.

Some pipes were added to the spaceship level so that the walls seem less empty.

There were a few bugs in the last build, the majority of them should now be fixed.


  • Adding tutorial to the playground level
    • Starts after creating a new profile
    • Can be skipped in the menu
  • Adding pipe models to the spaceship level
  • Increased range Items can be picked up
  • Increasing ammo dropped
  • Modifications now say which slot they can be Equipped

Bug Fixes

  • The Taser now correctly stuns the player when overheating
  • Selling more than 4 modifications should now work
  • Popups in the inventory should now always be on top
  • Objectives for the spaceship level should now be shown
  • The spaceship level should now start correctly
  • The health core modification now correctly heals the player
  • The UI now shows up after loading a level for the 2nd time

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Version 0.1.50 Mar 21, 2018

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