Menu Update - Change Log v0-1-34

Major menu update

The biggest change for this update is the new menu and ui system. Menus now have better textures and animation so they look nice and are intuitive to use. There are now profiles. The player will create a profile at the start of the game and pick the difficulty. Currently the only way to change difficulty is to create a new profile.

The main menu has been replaced with the playground level. This level now has teleporters that can be used to start the game or select a level. The over all purpose of this level is to give players a chances to test out different modifications and weapons before the main games. Currently the modifications and weapons are disabled but they are the next focus for development.

The updated player movement from the previous update is now in the main game. There have been some small changes to the spaceship 1 level to improve performance. The old prototypes levels have been removed from the game as keeping them up-to-date is no longer worth it.


  • New player movement
    • Player is now affected by forces
    • Jumping now costs energy
    • Player now has head bob (can be disabled in settings)
    • Camera now has increased FOV went moving quick
  • New Input system
    • No longer using Unity’s Input manager (ability to change input will be available in future updates)
  • Improved menus
    • New menu textures
    • New menu Animations
    • New menu structure
      • Main menu has been replaced with a playground level
    • New loading animation
  • Adding Textures to playground level
  • Adding Profiles
    • Profiles are used to control the game difficulty
  • Improve performance for spaceship 1 level
    • Removed some of the lights at runtime
    • Enabling GPU instancing for some objects
  • Increasing the damage that assault rifle does to initial enemies don’t appear to be as tanky

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Version 0.1.34 Feb 24, 2018 275 MB
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Version 0.1.34 Feb 24, 2018

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