Improved boss model and mechanics

Improved Boss model and mechanics

The first boss has remade with a new model and updated mechanics to make the boss more intuitive to fight.

The model of the boss is still a placeholder, but its form should not changed when improving the model. The Boss is being called Alien Hive. The Alien Hive currently has 3 phases with a 4th phase being added for harder difficulties later. The first phase has the boss spawning alien slimes slowly in the centre of a large room. In the second phase the boss throws projectiles at the player which burst into multiple slimes. Once the final phase starts the slime will begin heading towards pillars attached to the boss which will cause the boss to heal, the player must destroy the pillars before they are over run.

There is now an advanced graphics menu where players can fine tunes some settings. There is also an option to toggle an FPS Counter.


  • Updated boss model and mechanics
  • Loading animation now stops after loading is complete
  • Adding advanced graphics settings menu
    • Fps Counter
    • vSync

Files 278 MB
Version 0.1.81 May 02, 2018 (unstable) 310 MB
Version 0.1.81 May 02, 2018 275 MB
Version 0.1.81 May 02, 2018 259 MB
Version 0.1.71 Apr 17, 2018 283 MB
Version 0.1.81 May 02, 2018

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