Player Modifications - Change Log v0-1-37

Player Modifications

There are now modifications that the player can collect and use to upgrade their character.

A modification menu can be accessed by pressing tab. In this new menu you can equip different modifications that will give the character different abilities. An example of a modification currently in the game is the ability to double jump.


  • Adding Modifications
    • Adding Modification menu
      • Menu can be opened and closed by pressing tab
    • Some modifications pickups have models
      • Modifications without model will use a default blue cube
    • Slimes now drop modification pickups
    • When looking at these pickups popup text is shown on the screen
  • Deleting the active profile now disables the back button until a new profile is selected
  • Adding LOD to the metal crates

Bug Fixes

  • When creating a new profile the name is now reset

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Version 0.1.37 Mar 05, 2018

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