Plans for the game - Change Log v0-1-23

Set up for new levels and features

Set up behind the scenes to set up for modification system and future levels.

The Last month has been a mix of a few different features: creating the layout for the second level, adding architecture for future features, working on better movement controls for the player, and beginning to implement modifications that the player can collect in a play through.

Plan for second level

For the second level the plan is for friendly robots to start counter attacking the invading enemy aliens. On higher difficulty some of the robots will be controlled by the aliens and attack the player. The goal for the player will be to find aliens that have taken over some of the terminals of the spaceship. Once the player has completed that goal there is a boss fight with a large cargo robot that is being control by one of those aliens. The boss fight will be made of a few phases and transition much like the boss in the first level.

Plan for modifications

The player will begin the game with limit abilities and weapons. As they kill enemies they have a chance to drop modifications. The player can then equip these modifications to unlock certain ability or to give a general power increase. An example of a modification would be the ability to double jump. Another example of a more passive modification would be an increase to the players max health. Modification persist between runs of the game however some modification will be destroyed when the player dies. The player can buy, sell and upgrade modification before they start a new game.

There is now a playground level. Currently this level only has the new player control system, there are no weapons or modifications yet. The purpose of this level is to test out different modifications and weapons without the threat of enemies. Future versions of this level may contain NPC’s that the player can interact with to buy, sell or update their modification.


  • Adding Playground level
    • New player control system is active in this level with options to toggle different components.
  • Adding early version of second level
  • Game settings are now saved in JSON format in Application.persistentDataPath.

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