Adding weapon system - Change Log v0-0-6

Change Log v0-0-6

Adding a weapon system so that players can use multiple weapons.

Weapons currently have infinite ammo, but a limited clip size - they will need to be reloaded. In a future update ammo will be finite and will be gained by picking up power ups.

Also fixing all known bugs involving changing levels and the wrong overlay menus showing up.


  • Adding weapon system
    • Players can change weapons using the number key 1 to 4 in the order to pick weapons that are listed below
  • Adding 4 weapons
    • Pistol
      • Ammo: 12
      • Damage: high
      • Fire rate: medium
      • Accuracy: high
    • Assault Rifle
      • Ammo: 60
      • Damage: medium
      • Fire rate: high
      • Accuracy: medium
    • Grenade
      • Damage: Area of effect, High at centre
      • Fire rate: low
      • Accuracy: high projectile
      • Trajectory is shown while grenade is being held
    • Health kit
      • Heals player
      • Use rate: low
      • Health kit must be held in order to recharge
  • Adding Ammo bar under HP
    • Only appears for weapons that use Ammo
    • Displays the current and max ammo
    • When reloading, the bar changes colour and displays the progress

Bug Fixes

  • Win screen now longer trigger when exiting a level
  • Starting a new level after exiting a previous no longer starts the game in a paused state
  • Slime balls no longer spawn when exiting the warehouse level

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Version 0.0.6 Sep 18, 2017

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