Adding spaceship level - Change Log v0-0-8

Change Log v0-0-8

Adding Spaceship level where slimes have taken over the cargo bay and storage rooms.

Creating this level took longer than I expected because of a few factors. I was trying to create the level using scripts in the editor. It turned out that it would have probably been better idea to have created big parts of the level in a 3d modelling program like Blender. However now the scripts are working well creating future levels should be quicker, and adding textures to the level in the should be easier.

Another thing that took longer than I excepted was the lighting. Trying to set up the lighting in a way that looked ok while not being too big is a time consuming process as baking the lightmaps after each change takes a long time.

The plan for future updates is to expand on the spaceship level, adding more rooms and a second floor. I also plan to add new entities that will interact with objects in the level.


  • Added Spaceship One level
    • The level is made up of a few rooms with enemies in each
    • The objective is to defeat the slimes before they cause too much damage to the ship
    • This level has dynamic lighting instead of the basic lighting used in the other levels
  • Made a few modifications to the AI
    • the aim was to make the AI seem more smooth.

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Version 0.0.8 Oct 06, 2017

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