Updating weapon system - Change Log v0-0-9

Change Log v0-0-9

Updating weapon system as well as a number of smaller chances to improves gameplay.

The updated weapon system only allows the player to hold 2 weapons at a time and requires them to collect more ammo as the level progresses or they will run out.

When the level is lost instead of returning straight to the main menu there a lose screen with an option to restart the level. Additionally the reason for winning or losing is shown on the win and lose screens respectively. There is another objective on the spaceship level to stop the slimes from destroying more than 100 crates. This new objective combined with random spawn location for the player and the slimes means that the player can not just hide in a safe location and slowly destroy the slimes one by one.

The slime AI calculates its next action less frequently but it will recalculate if it completes its action early resulting it less pausing after a slime finished its current action. Spikers that roll over slime blobs will pick them up and drop all of them when they are destroyed.


  • Adding a lose menu
    • Shows when the current mission is failed
  • The reason for winning or losing is now shown
  • Adding a restart button to pause, win and lose menus to restart the current level
  • Adding an objective to spaceship level to stop 100 crates from being destroyed
  • Slimes will be more likely to attack the player when they take damage
  • Spikers now pick up slime blobs and drop them of death
  • AI now pauses less after it completes its current action
  • Player and slimes now spawn in random location around the spaceship
  • New Weapon System
    • Only 2 weapons can be held at a time
    • Weapons held are show in the top left of the player’s HUD
    • Weapons now have finite ammo
    • Weapons are now dropped by entities when they die or are destroyed
    • To gain ammo pick up weapons you are already holding
    • Press Q to change active weapon
    • Press F to swap to weapon on the ground
    • Press G to drop current weapon
  • The force a grenade is thrown increases as you hold down the fire button

Bug Fixes

  • Small slimes continue to damage player when on top of them

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quantum-robot-win64.zip 278 MB
Version 0.0.9 Oct 15, 2017
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Version 0.0.9 Oct 15, 2017
quantum-robot-linux32.zip 259 MB
Version 0.0.9 Oct 15, 2017
quantum-robot-osx.zip 283 MB
Version 0.0.9 Oct 15, 2017

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