Adding Boss - Change Log v0-0-10

Change Log v0-0-10

Adding a boss to the end of that the spaceship level

Adding a boss slime to the spaceship level. Once all the slimes in the level have been defeated the boss fight will start. In order to win the level the boss must be defeated. The idea of this fight it to keep control of the number of slimes before you are overwhelmed.


  • Adding Boss to spaceship level
    • The boss is behind a big cargo bay door, defeating all the slimes will open this door and start the boss fight
    • The bosses health is shown at the bottom of the screen
    • Restarting the level after the boss has started will continue from the start of the boss fight instead of the start of the level.
    • The boss has 3 main phases and transitions between each phase
    • Phase 1
      • Slime split off from the boss
      • The boss loses health each split
      • Phase 1 ends when the boss gets to 65% health
    • Phase 2
      • The boss throws ball of slimes that burst into a few slimes when they hit the floor
      • Phase 2 ends when the boss gets to 40% health
    • Phase 3
      • The boss throws slime spawners
      • The boss loses health when the spawners are throw
      • Spawners create slimes as long as they are alive
      • Slimes will try and merge to heal the boss
      • If the boss gets above 70% health the spawners will disappear and the boss will go back to phase 2
    • Phase 4
      • The boss can no longer be healed by the slimes
      • The boss will thrown out balls of slimes rapidly

Bug Fixes

  • Fix reloading bug when at low ammo

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