Adding Post Processing - Change Log v0-0-16

Change Log v0-0-16

Adding post processing to improve the look of the game.

Updating the main menu with sub menus, settings are now on their own menu so that more settings when needed.


  • Adding post processing
  • Reducing the rate slimes change in size
  • Balancing the boss fight
    • The slimes spawned durning phase 3 will scale with the health of the spawner
    • The amount the boss heals from merging with slimes now changes on the difficulty
  • Adding the option to turn off automatically changing to new weapon on pickup
  • Updating the main menu
    • Play button starts the first level
    • Level Select menu
    • Settings menu
    • Controls menu

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Version 0.0.16 Nov 21, 2017 275 MB
Version 0.0.16 Nov 21, 2017 259 MB
Version 0.0.16 Nov 21, 2017 283 MB
Version 0.0.16 Nov 21, 2017

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